5 Weird But Brilliant Uses For Concealer – A Guest Post by Trysh Sutton

Trysh Sutton, the owner Pure Path has kindly offered to write a post for my blog. Keep reading to learn 5 weird but brilliant uses for concealer. After reading her post, make sure to head over to her website where you can find lots and lots of useful products and useful content.

Even the most inexperienced makeup newbie knows what you’re supposed to do with concealer. Its purpose is right there in the name; we use it to cover up under eye circles, blemishes, minor scars and other imperfections. But if that’s all you’ve been using your concealer for, then you’ve been missing out.

Listed below are 5 things you probably never knew your concealer could be used for. It’s totally understandable if you want to save your fancy concealer for primary stuff such as dark circles but it’s good to keep a cheap drugstore variety nearby for secondary uses such as these:

1. Cleaning Up an Uneven Lip Line

It’s a situation every lipstick junkie knows too well. You’ve just finished applying a bold matte pigment to your lips.

You examine your work in the mirror, only to discover that you didn’t quite stay in the lines. Trying to remove highly pigmented lipstick can make a mess, especially if you’re in a hurry.

The perfect quick fix? Get out your concealer and a brush, and cover up any smudging or bleeding that extend beyond the lip line. This trick will get you the perfect pout in no time.

2. Correct Over Plucked Brows

Did your last attempt at tweezing leave your brows looking a little sparse? Concealer can help.

It can be hard to apply brow powder to the sparse areas of the brow because there’s nothing for the powder to cling to. If you start by dabbing a little concealer onto the sparse areas, however, your brow powder or pencil will work much better. The pigment will apply more evenly, and the results will last longer.

3. Contouring

You don’t need an expensive palette to achieve Instagram-ready contouring. Concealers are hailed by many professional makeup artists for their ability to create a much lighter and more natural finish. All you need are two concealers – one two or three lighter than your tone and one two or three shades darker.

Read here for more on how to use your concealer for contouring .

4. Eyeshadow Base

If you’ve run out of your favorite eyeshadow base, concealer is a great alternative.

Apply it to the lid with a light touch because if you apply too thick a coat, it’s more likely to crease. Try spreading it with a fluffy brush to achieve a lightweight consistency.

The benefit of using your concealer as an eyeshadow primer is that your eye makeup will be highly pigmented and basically crease-resistant.

5. DIY Foundation

If you wear foundation regularly, you know the pain of running out. If you haven’t had time to replenish your foundation supply, a bit of concealer can do the trick, provided it’s the same tone as your skin.

Dip a stippling brush into your concealer and start applying from your under eye area. Be sure not to use too much product because this method is meant to give you light coverage and like most makeup, it’s easier and cleaner to increase than to reduce or remove.

Apply the concealer evenly all over your face and blend thoroughly. If you have some dusting powder, apply it to the necessary areas to finish and mattify the look.  

Note that this isn’t a long term substitute, however, because concealer doesn’t breathe as well as foundation so long term use can clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

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