Birthday/Christmas wishlist

The title speaks for itself. Let’s see the list! This list isn’t very different from last year’s. 1. Last year, I would have loved to get a slipper gift “bag” but I didn’t get it. I would still love to get it, so I included it in this list. As far as the content is …

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Number cake

This year, I wanted to surprise my husband with a special cake. As he doesn’t like to be reminded of his age, Ididn’t put candles on it…

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How we are surviving the ‘terrible twos’ – Part 1

MiMay is the month of Mothers’ Day and International Children’s Day, so for this month, I prepared some parenting-related content. Raising a child is hard work. It gets even harder when your child enters the ‘terrible twos’. I’m planning to write two posts about this topic and this one, the first one, is going to …

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Chestnut cake for Easter

I haven’t posted a recipe for a long time, so this is what I planned for the week of Easter. If you’re interested in the recipe for this simple chestnut cake that can be made in a sugarfree version, keep on reading.

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