I have ordered quite a few things from Avon recently.Some of them were beyond my expectations, but some caused me disappointment. If you’d like to know which products I’m talking about, keep on reading.

I’ll start with my favourites. The Avon True Colour nail polish in the shade  “pastel pink” has become my favourite pink nail polish. It’s usually difficult to work with cream polishes like this becuase they can be patchy and streaky but this one is something beautiful. It’s a really girly colour which looks gorgeous in itself or when used in nail art. Last year, I made a video in which I used this nail polish and the result was so beautiful that I didn’t even expect and furthermore, it was long lasting. You can watch the video here:

My next favourite is the Avon Mark Pink Illusions nail polish in the shade “Metallize”.

It can be applied beautifully, even one coat gives a nice coverage and most importantly, it is long lasting. It’s a gorgeous all-year-round colour.If I can’t decide what colour I should paint my nails, this is the one I reach for. This is how it looks after 5days:

“5 days” means 5 days of typing, housework, raising a toddler and a short family vacation.

My third favourite is the Avon Mark Spectralash mascara.
I bought it because it has 3 levels of volume, so you can achieve 3 different looks with it. My lashes are very light brown, almost blonde, so I can use some help.Level 1 just painted my lashes black. They didn’t become longer or fuller.Szép, természetes hatást lehet elérni vele. It gave me a nice, natural look – perfect for an everyday makeup look or for work. Level 2 gave some length and my lashes looked a bit fuller. Level 3 gives the fullest look but fortunately, it’s not too much, but kind of a wearable look. It doesn’t make my lashes feel heavy, doesn’t clump and it’s easy to remove with some micellar water in the evening.

My fourth favourite is the Avon True lipstick in the shade “iced coffee”.
I prefer to wear it in the autumn/winter, because first, it’s colour goes well mostly with my autumn/winter clothes, and second, it hydrates excellently in the cold, windy weather. I think the colour is perfect for my skin tone, however, in the catalogue it was recommended for women who have red hair. It’s my favourite lipstick. Just perfect.

My last favourite is a lipstick, too, namely the Avon Nude lipstick in the shade “Nude Suede”.

In the catalogue, there was a colour wheel that recommeded lipstick shades based on skin tones and this shade was one of the recommended ones. It is about two shades darker than my natural lip colour, so it’s perfect. It has a matte effect but it doesn’t dry my lips at all and it’s very comfortable to wear. Egyetlen hátránya, hogy foltosan kopik. Its scent is also wonderful, it reminds me of one of the first lipsticks I purchased (about 15 years ago). The only disadvantage is that it becomes patchy when it starts to wear off.

Now here come my antifavourites.
The first one is the Avon True lipstick in the shade”Au Naturale”. I chose it based on the colour wheel I mentioned earlier and I don’t say such things about a lipstick but seriously it has such an ugly colour, it makes me look like dead. Maybe it doesn’t like the ph of my skin or I don’t know but when applied, it is a horrible yellow colour.

Here are the three lipsticks I have already mentioned: Nude Suede, Au Naturale és Iced Coffee.

My second antifavourite is such an antifavourite that I didn’t even take a photo of the product itself, it just did a swatch on my hand and it went flying into the bin. This product is no other than the Color Trend eyeliner pencil. I bought a black one and a purple one. When I was younger, I often used Color Trend products and I was satisfied with them. This one, though… I managed to apply the black one somehow – although it was a nightmare as the colour payoff is almost zero -, but I couldn’t get any of the purple one on my lashline. In the picture, you can see clearly that it was the smaller problem. The bigger issue – for me, at least -, was the fact that the pencil was crumbling. It was a huge disappointment and I definitely won’t buy it again in the future.

What do you think about these products? Have you tried any of them?