I saw Avon’s holographic nail polishes in one of their catalogues back in spring and of course, I had to purchase one right away.

This is how it looked like in the catalogue:

It was beautiful! I didn’t hesitate much and ordered the shade futurist. It arrived in a few days. I wanted to try it immediately, but as I started to apply it onto my nails, there was no sign of the holographic effect whatsoever.

I was angry and disappointed. It was a waste of money. Then I started to think about what the problem might be. Is the top coat that prevents to holo glitters from appearing? Or is the base coat I used wasn’t good? As I was thinking, I remembered having watched a video on the Simply Nailogical YouTube channel and there was a nail polish in it that didn’t look holo unless it was lit with strong light. So I grabbed my phone and switch on the torch/flash and…

At last! The moment I had been waiting for! So strong light was needed for the holo glitter to be visible!

As far as the quality of the nail polish is concerned, it can be applied nicely, but it dries quite slowly. It survived a couple of days on my nails without chipping, so I wouldn’t say that it’s longlasting. At this price, I don’t think it’s a bad product but I have nail polishes that are cheaper and more durable. Despite my initial disappointment, I’m thinking about buying the shade cosmic flush as well. I think it’s kind of a summertime nail polish as bright sunlight is needed for the real effect to be seen.

What do you think about it? Have you tried this nail polish?