Bird nail art

Summer is coming to an end, so I made the bird nail art of August with  “The Last Day of Summer” stamping plate by Moyra.

Every August, a group of swallows sit on the high voltage wire in front of our house, ready to leave. When I see this small group, I know that cooler days are coming soon – this is what inspired this nail art.

What I used:

  • Essence the gel nail polish 63 itsy bitsy blue bikini
  • Essence the gel nail polish 46 black is back
  • Catrice ICONails 23 Nice Cream
  • Moyra stamping plate – The Last Day of Summer
  • Moyra stamping polish, black and top coat
  • Born Pretty liquid latex
  • clear jelly stamper
  • makeup sponge
  • Scotch tape

I applied a coat of base coat to all of my nails. Then I applied a coat of Nice Cream on all of them. The reason I love this polish is that it’s not completely white but there’s a tiny bit of pink in it as well. It’s really special and I think it will imitate the end of summer sky perfectly.

I applied some liquid latex around all of my nails and once that was dry, I created the background. For the gradient effect, I applied some Nice Cream and some itsy bitsy blue bikini on a makeup sponge. I gently dabbed it onto my nails and repeated these steps twice more until I was satisfied with opacity and the way the gradient looked.

I removed the latex with a pair of tweezers, cleaned my skin with a brush dipped in nail polish remover and sealed the gradient with a quick dry top coat.

It’s advisable to use latex before stamping, though I forgot to do it this time. The stamper picked up the bird couple and the single bird as well, so I carefully removed the single one with a piece of Scotch tape before transferring the image onto my middle finger.

When I wanted to stamp on my next finger, all three birds were picked up again, but in this case, I removed the couple and stamped the single bird on my ring finger. Unfortunately, the wire the bird was sitting on didn’t transfer completely, so I fixed it with a striping brush and some black nail polish.

I finished off the manicure with some top coat for stamping by Moyra.

You can watch the video about this nail art here:




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