Happy New Year, Everyone! In this post, I’ll show you how my 2019 bullet journal setup turned out.

I found this bullet journal at the drugstore Müllet in November and it was love at first sight. It has 176 pages, a table of contents and a pocket adhered to the inner part of the back of the cover where you can store all kinds of things. The sheets are white with light grey dots. I didn’t really want a dotted notebook for journaling purposes but I thought that I would need a new one for 2019, why not try something new? 2019 will be a year of changes for me anyway.

On the first page, I wrote the year with a metallic Sharpie and on the next page, there is a calendar that shows the entire year.

Then comes my wish list which is empty at the moment, but I will make note of the stuff I want to buy throughout the year. I haven’t been active on Instagram recently, but I want to change it, so I included a 52-week photo challenge in my bullet journal. Those of you who follow me on Instagram, will see it. I also welcome everyone who is interested to join. I would like to see how you interpret the topics listed on this page. If you join, don’t forget to tag me in your post, so I will be informed when anyone of you posts on this topic.

The next page is a kind of movie/TV show bucket list. This is where I will write what I would like to watch this year. On the right-hand side, I will collect recipes that I’d like to try. I decorated this page with stickers I purchased at the ilove2print Etsy shop. The stickers are black and white, so I coloured them with felt-tip pens.

Like I did in last year’s setup, I dedicated a page for the music I like to listen to and there’s another page for my blog post ideas.

I dedicated two pages for interesting words. As a language teacher and soon-to-be translator and interpreter, I’m obsessed with words. On these two pages, I will jot down words that I either find interesting or would like to use more often.

On the next two pages, I will adhere photos: one for each month, that symbols the highlight or the most important event of the month.

In November I quit my job. Since Janka was born in November 2016, I’m at home with her, but according to Hungarian law, I remained in passive status at my workplace. It means that I don’t cost my employer anything, I don’t get paid, but I receive maternity pay from the government and I can’t be fired until my daughter reaches the age of 3. If I want to go back to work, my employer has to take me back and I’m in active status again. So in October, my boss called me because she wanted me to go back to work. As we couldn’t reach an agreement as far as the conditions were concerned, I decided to quit and from this month, I’m going to work as a freelance teacher, translator and interpreter. It’s incredibly scary but I feel that this is the best option. My accountant provided me with a lot of information and as I’m not very good at these things, I set up a page for the most important business-related information (online administration, tax deadlines, documentation I have to pay attention to, etc.) and there’s another page where I will keep track of my income. I decorated the business info page with ilove2print stickers, too.

From the next page on, there will be monthly spreads. You can see the January setup soon. Let’s meet as often as possible, here on the blog and on social media platforms.