The theme I picked for my August bullet journal is cats. If you want to know why it was the theme I chose and how the setup turned out, keep on reading.

I picked this theme, because Süti, my older cat celebrates her birthday in August. When I sat down to come up with a theme, she was the first thing that came to my mind.

What I used:

  • rubber band notebook – IKEA
  • black cat stickers – Aliexpress
  • mini cat stickers – Aliexpress
  • washi – Aliexpress
  • brush pen – Crelando, Lidl
  • highlighters – Stabilo
  • coloured fineliners – Stabilo
  • 0.2 black fineliner – Aliexpress
  • black gel pen – IKEA
  • watercolour paint – Interspar
  • metallic pencil – Aldi

I drew the cat on the opening page with a metallic pencil and I used a black 0.2 fineliner to create the calendar.

As it was in the June and July setup, the Finances page is the first one in this one, too. To make spending my time on this page more enjoyable, I used tiny cat stickers as decorations. Above the chart, you can see “Income”, “Opening balance” and “Cash”. Below the chart, I wrote “Closing balance” and “Cash”.

I haven’t dedicated a page to my monthly tasks so far, but August is going to be so busy that I thought it would be easier to keep track of my to-dos if I have this page. I used a black gel pen that I bought at IKEA. I decorated the page with cat pattern washi and gold foiled mini cat stickers.

On the next page, I’m going to collect my blog post and video ideas for the month of August. I decorated this page with some foiled cats, too.

This black cat is my favourite one!

Here come the weekly spreads. I decorated the pages in the first spread with the cat washi I used earlier. For the daily to-dos, I drew boxes and wrote the dates in the circles. I put the date of the week under the boxes instead of the top section of the page.

I wanted to keep the second week simple, so I didn’t even drew frames for the days. I put down some bronze washi at the top and bottom of the page and shaded the names of the days with the metallic pencil that I used to draw the cat.

On these two pages, I drew boxes for the days again. I highlighted the days at dates with pastel Stabilo highlighters and decorated the corners of the boxes with cat stickers. As my cat stickers were very translucent, I whited out the corners to make the cat stickers pop. I added some paw-print skinny washi to the top and bottom sections of the pages.

The dates of the next weeks got watercolour backgrounds. Once the paint was completely dry, I wrote the dates with a black brush pen and the days with a black fineliner. I also placed some black cat stickers on these two pages.

Let’s see the last week of the month. I wrote the date of the week at the top of the page with a pink and a green Stabilo .8 fineliner and I used a black pen to add the numbers. I wrote the dates of the days with Stabilo fineliners and a black vertical line belongs to each day, and at the end of each line, there is a cat. I didn’t have enough space, so instead of writing Saturday and Sunday, I combined them in one section and wrote “Weekend”.

I put a bucket of apples stickers below the first day of September, and on that sticker, I put a black a cat sticker. This is what marks the first day of the new month.

You can watch the video on how I set up my bullet journal for August here:

How do you like this cat theme? What themes would you like to see in the following months? I would love to read your ideas! Write them in the comments section under this post.