Bullet journal setup – December 2018

This is the last bullet journal setup of 2018. Unlike the previous setups, it doesn’t only have my regular monthly stuff, but it also functions as a kind of a Christmas planner.I painted the robin of the title page on a sheet of watercolour paper, then cut the paper to the size of my bullet journal and adhered it to the paper in the bullet journal with some roll-on adhesive tape. The bird itself didn’t turn out well, but I hadn’t painted anything like that for a very long time, so I’m happy with it anyway.

I had a similar deco page in the November spread as well. This month, I wrote “Merry and bright” with a bronze Sharpie, I placed stickers at the top section of the page and drew black lines as if the ornament stickers were hanging. I bought the stickers at Lidl last year. I love them because they are printed on thick paper, so you can create a really nice effect with them. Last year, I wrapped the Christmas presents, then placed some of these stickers on the wrapping paper. This year, though, I used them in my bullet journal and Filofax planner. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see some other types of these stickers throughout the month.

My calendar is similar to the November one: it’s not the traditional grid arrangement, but it looks like a list. For me, the grid style is too small to write anything in it; this one, though is exactly the type that I need. I drew a pine tree with a black fine liner in the bottom right corner and placed a star sticker (also from the Lidl kit) on top. I highlighted all the Sundays with a red brush pen. I wrote the title using a red fine liner (I almost forgot to mention it).

My Finances and Blog/YouTube pages are quite minimalistic. To be honest, I didn’t really have ideas, that’s why they turned out like this. On the Finances page, I wrote the words with a green fine liner, and I used a black one to draw the chart. I placed a pine tree sticker that I ordered from Aliexpress in the bottom right corner. There are several images on one sheet but a great drawback is that they aren’t cut, so I had to solve the problem with a small pair of scissors. On the blog page, I divided the two topics with some iridescent red glitter washi and put a gorgeous, gold foiled deer sticker (also from Lidl) to the bottom right corner.

The next two pages will be the ones where I will write down my December bucket list. I used red and black fine liners, and also a red glittery gel pen to draw the holly berries. The glittery pen is from Lidl (I don’t remember when I got it.) I haven’t decided what to add to my bucket list, but I will decide soon.

Laziness won when I was creating my gift ideas pages. I wasn’t patient enough to draw, so I pulled out a mini gift bag that was in last year’s Essence advent calendar, I cut the image from both sides and adhered them to the page. Finally, I drew gift tags next to the boxes. On these tags, I will write the name of the person I want to give the present and on the box itself, I will write the gift ides. As the pages looked too empty, I adhered three mini gift tags on these two pages. They were also in the Essence advent calendar.

I find it important to finalise the Christmas menu weeks before Christmas. I think it saves me from a great deal of stress as once I have the menu and write down the recipes I need, I can quickly put together the shopping list, so I can buy everything I need before the Christmas retail Armageddon. I’m sure I won’t have to run to the shop on December 24th or look for an essential recipe in a hurry. As far as the decoration of the two pages is concerned, I used a wine bottle and a wine glass sticker along with three pomegranate stickers that are all from the same Aliexpress kit that I used on the Finances page.

I decorated the shopping list with Lidl stickers. I divided the list into categories, so I can keep more organised in the shop and I won’t walk around thinking about what I have forgotten. I’ve been using this kind of a shopping list for Christmas planning for three years and it works very well for me.

At Christmas, we always visit my husband’s parents. In order to avoid chaos, I’ve been using this travel check list. In this spread, I created separate sections for my stuff, my husband’s stuff and what we need to pack for our daughter, Janka. I decorated both pages with Lidl stickers.

And here come the weekly spreads.

On the first week of December, we have Santa Claus Day, so I picked a Santa Claus theme. I used black and red fine liners, red glittery washi and Santa stickers from the Lidl kit.

I cut these gorgeous images from a washi tape. I ordered it from Aliexpress and when it arrived, I realised that it is too wide to decorate the sides of the page, but the images are very nice even when I use them separately, so this is how I used them. I think the bear with its cub is incredibly cute!

I had to include the Grinch in one of the weekly spreads. Last year, I wrote a post about Christmas making me sick because one feels forced to buy as much stuff as possible, there are these terrible crowds in the shops and I think these kill the festive mood. In addition, last year’s Christmas prep wasn’t really joyful for me, so I feel like a Grinch if it comes to Christmas.

For the week of Christmas, I picked a shadow-style Nativity scene. I drew it with a black fine liner and coloured it in with a brush pen. I created the background with a metallic purple pencil. As I wanted the days to stand out, I adhered gold foiled IKEA stickers on both pages.

I wanted to say goodbye to 2018, so I pull out a sheet of deco paper that came in a women’s magazine last year or the year before, I cut to A/5 size, adhered it to the bullet journal page, and wrote: “Goodbye 2018”. Though I didn’t use up all the pages in this journal, I will definitely start a new journal next year, so I wanted to say hello to the new year. I took the Sharpie I used before and wrote “Hello 2019” on the next page.

You can watch the video of this setup here:

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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