The first monthly setup of 2019 is ready and I’m so excited!

I didn’t have time to film, but maybe next month.

This year, I’ll write a quote in every monthly setup, so this is how this one starts, too. To create the title page, I cut a sheet of light blue cardstock to match the size of my notebook and adhered it to the page with some double-sided tape. Then I drew the polar bear on a sheet of sticker paper, cut it out and adhered it to the blue cardstock. I wrote the name of the month on the bear and drew the background with fine liners and a white gel pen.

The list-like “calendar” worked very well for me in November and December, so I decided to stick to it. Next to it, there are three boxes: one for my tasks, one for my goals and one for my blog ideas. Lidl sold Christmas stickers this year as well, so I bought a kit. I decorated this page and the next one with the snowflake stickers from that kit. This year, there are several things I want to change, so I set up a habit tracker page.

I have had a finances page in my bullet journal for months, but this time, I changed the layout. I left more space for my income because my income is going to come from multiple sources (hopefully) as I’m going to work as a freelancer.

I haven’t paid enough attention to healthy eating recently, but I want to change it. I’d like to plan my meals ahead and I hope it will help me stick to a healthy lifestyle. This is the purpose of this meal plan page.

Now come the weekly spreads. This month, I dedicated only one page for a week instead of the week-on-two-pages layout I had last year. By doing so, I will have more opportunities to try my creativity and I don’t need that much space either. I drew a mini calendar at the top of each page and I also wrote the number of the week. All the weekly spreads have minimalist designs. I bought the washi tapes at Aliexpress, Lidl or Rossmann (a drugstore). After the last weekly spread, there is another quote, so the month got a kind of a frame.

So this is the January setup. I hope the year will start well and I can jot down a lot of interesting things in my bullet journal.