I managed to find some time to setup my bullet journal for July and I even made a video about it. If you’d like to know how it turned out, keep on reading…

The sticker on the opening was printed and cut by me. The image is from freepik.com and I wrote the text in MS Word. I wasn’t patient enough to draw, that’s why I printed a sticker.


The first page serves as a finance tracker. I don’t like dealing with finances, so I decorated it with a gold foiled leaf sticker so that it will be less uncomfortable for me to turn to this page. In the top section of the page, I wrote: “Income”, “Opening balance” (of my bank account on the first day of the month) and “Cash” (also on the first day of the month). On the page next to it, I will collect my blog post and YouTube ideas. The stickers are from Aliexpress.

I drew four weekly spreads. In the first one, unfortunately, I messed up two boxes, so I covered my mistakes with a tucan and a flower sticker. These ones are downloaded from freepik.com as well and I printed and cut them myself.

In the case of the rest of the weeks, I used Stabilo .8 fine liners, a Crelando brush pen and different stickers, along with washi tapes that I had ordered from Aliexpress.

You can use the setup video here:

I would like to do more YouTube videos in the future. I’m planning to make planner setup, DIY and nail art videos and I’d appreciate any constructive comments. What do you think I should do differently? Are you interested in videos with voice overs? (I’m not a native speaker of English, but I’m an English teacher and a translator/interpreter trainee. I speak with an accent though…)


What do you think about this setup? Leave your comments down below. I would really love to read them.