Although it’s already the middle of the month, maybe it’s not too late for a bullet journal post. For March, I chose a plant theme.

I ordered some succulent stickers and washi tape from Aliexpress, these gave me the inspiration for the theme of this month. Besides the succulents, I picked a green colour as I felt that I needed something fresh after the long winter months.

On the title page, I drew a succulent in a jar with a fine liner. I coloured it in with coloured pencils and wrote the name of the month with the brush pen end of a double-ended marker.

I was sticking with the tried-and-true list-like calendar layout. I highlighted the Sundays with the green pen I had used earlier and drew two boxes for my tasks and blog ideas. I put down stickers from the kit I had ordered from Aliexpress between the two boxes. I wrote the words with the fine liner end of the double-ended pen. It has a very pleasant colour and it’s easy to work with both ends, so I used it throughout the entire setup. By the way, the pen came in a kit that I bought at Aldi last year.

On the next page, I’d like to track my habits but the layout of the past two months was so time-consuming to make that I changed it this time. I decorated the bottom of the page with some washi tape. I’m going to track how much I exercise and anxiety is still a huge issue for me, so I included that as well. I’m curious to see how it will change as I work on myself.

I set up a monthly checklist which contains mainly business-related and language teaching-related tasks (you can’t see everything in the photo as there were things I didn’t want to put on the Internet). in March, I’m not doing any translation due to my persistent illness, so my translation-related tasks are not on the list this month. However, I do have a timetable. As I don’t teach in a mainstream, government-run school where I would have a fixed timetable but I’m a teacher at a language school and I also have private lessons, my timetable can change from month to month. I added my current timetable in the bullet journal. I didn’t fill it in before taking photos because I wouldn’t like to share such information on the world wide web, but you can see that I crossed out Monday as I don’t work on Monday. Or if I do work, it’s only translation.

I added a meal plan page next to every weekly spread. Now that Janka goes to daycare, I can plan – and want to plan – my diet-friendly meals better. I decorated the pages with the stickers from the kit I used earlier and on the last meal plan page, I drew a succulent myself.

I was trying to apply a simple design throughout the entire spread and spice it up with the green colour and stickers.

April is going to be an important month for me, so I have planned something special for that setup. Follow the blog or subscribe and you won’t miss it!