My bullet is ready for May! This time, I let my inner child inspire me.

My daughter and I started watching the Disney classic in April. We have watched Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast so far. It feels strange to watch my childhood favourites as an adult but we have a lot of fun.

One day as I was working at my desk and my daughter was colouring some Disney characters next to me, I got the idea to create a Disney-themed bullet journal.

For the title page, I chose the iconic Disney castle. I picked some of my favourite pencils to draw it and I used a black fine liner to write “May”.

I have a lot of space in my bullet journal, so I decided to get more creative . This vertical monthly layout would have fitted only one page, but I dedicated one more page to draw Cinderella – she serves merely decorative purposes, her page has no function whatsoever, but I love it. I used a glittery blue gel pen to write “events” and the numbers.

For the “Finances” and “Spending log” pages, I chose an Aladdin theme with an Aladdin font and the iconic lamp from the movie. A coloured the lamp with a metallic pencil, wrote the titles using a glittery gold gel pen and Staedtler pencils to colour the charts. I’m planning to do a downloadable and printable version of these pages, so if you are interested, let me know.

I like to remind myself of what I should be grateful every day, so in January, I added a gratitude log section to my journal (in March I missed it). I picked a Snow White font, a Snow White drawing and a glittery red gel pen to set up this log.

I’m going through major changes in my life, so I needed a space to jot down my ideas. Here it is…

Now on to the weekly spreads. I used black fine liners for the outlines and all the black parts, a foiled washi for Ariel’s spread and a glittery, mermaid-style white one for Elsa. For the final spread, I chose an irridescent red washi (which keeps coming off). I did the colouring using my Staedtler pencils and glittery gel pens. I left Elsa uncoloured because I liked the white and blue colour scheme of the spread. I felt that I needed a visual break from all the colourful spreads.

Which spread is your favourite? What themes would you like to see in the future?