November is right around the corner. I can’t believe that this year is almost over! If you’re interested to know how my November bullet journal setup looks like, keep on reading.

I painted the image of my favourite mug on a sheet of watercolour paper. I cut the sheet to fit the size of my journal and adhered it to the title page with some roll-on adhesive.

On the second page, I doodled things related to cold weather with black fine liners and I wrote: “Hello sweater weather”. My calendar is not the traditional layout, but rather a list kind of thing. Under it, I drew the girl who you could see in another spread last year. This girl is, in fact, my humble self, in my favourite purple cap.

My Finances pages got two gorgeous puple shades, but I didn’t decorate it at all. My Blog/YouTube page got simple grey titles and in the bottom right corner, you can see a bear sticker that I ordered at Aliexpress.

The next two pages are super important. On the left page, I’m going to design Janka’s birthday cake, and on the right page, I’m going to design my own birthday cake. I’m going to write down the recipes and also draw the cakes.

The first weekly spread is very minimalistic: I used black and two shades of purple only.

The second weekly spread got another bear sticker and a pine tree that I cut from a washi tape. Both of them are Aliexpress finds.

The third weekly spread is a very girly design as this is Janka’s birthday week. I used diamond stickers and some pink glitter washi.

The last weekly spread goes into December. The white, iridescent, glitter washi and the deer sticker are intended to create the festive mood.

What I used for this setup:

  • double ended fine liners/felt tip pens – Aldi
  • black fine liners – Aliexpress
  • gel pens – Lidl
  • washi tapes – Aliexpress
  • stickers – Aliexpress
  • watercolour paints – Lidl, Interspar

You can watch the video of this setup here: