I know that this is what everyone is saying but I just can’t believe it’s almost October! If you’d like to know what theme I picked for October, read this post.

To be honest, I was too lazy again to draw the title page. For September, I printed and adhered the sticker to the page. This time, I wanted something that wasn’t of digital origin, yet I could avoid drawing. I painted a piece of watercolour paper orange and when the paint was dry, I cut three circles out of the paper. With some double-sided tape, I adhered the circles to the page in a way that they slightly overlap each other, forming a pumpkin. A drew the stem and vine of the pumpkin with a fine liner and a brush pen.

I drew a calendar for this month, too, as I a lot of things are going to happen due to the university. I purchased a set of double-ended pens at Aldi. One end is a fine liner and the other end is a brush pen. For this month’s setup, I used a purple, a brown, a green and an orange from that set. On the calendar page, I wrote the names of the days with the fine liner end of the purple pen and drew the orange dots with the brush pen end of the orange one. The hedgehog sticker came in a sticker kit from Aliexpress.

I have a page for my finances again. It’s a simple design with autumnal colours. This time, on my blog/YouTube page, the two categories aren’t under each other, but next to each other. I drew the outlines of the pumpkins at the bottom of the page with a 0.6 black pen and coloured them with the orange pen I have mentioned above.

I drew the title of the first weekly spread with a 0.1 black pen and coloured it with a metallic purple pencil. I found the pencil at Aldi, too. The leaf stickers I put behind the names of the days came with the hedgehog sticker.

Week 2 is kind of minimalistic in style. I highlighted the days with my orange Aldi brush pen and picked this cute fox from the Aliexpress sticker kit to decorate the bottom left corner.

In the third weekly spread, I returned to the pumpkin theme of the title page. A month or two ago, I bought a watercolour set at Lidl, that is what I painted small pumpkins with and wrote the names of the days and the date on them. I wrote the numbers with a 0.6 black pen and for the days, I used a 0.1 black pen.

I think week 4 is quite self-explanatory. I drew the boxes for the days with a 0.1 black pen and wrote the days and numbers with a brown and a green fine liner. Finally, I decorated both pages with stickers from Aliexpress.

The last week goes into November and Halloween is also that week. In Hungary, we don’t celebrate Halloween but I love its mood and The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite animated films, which I watch around Halloween time every year. This film inspired me to create the last week’s spread. On the right-hand side, using a pencil, I drew the iconic mountain where the main character Jack Skellington sings in the film. I painted it with watercolour paints and let the picture dry completely. I bought some glitter washi tape at Rossmann (a drugstore in my city) and cut seven small stripes (one for each day) out of the black one and put them down on both pages of the spread. I found the Jack Skellington heads on Pinterest, I printed them on sticker paper, cut them out and put one down for each day. On the bottom of the left-hand side page, I put down some of the same black glitter washi that I had used for the headers.

You can watch the video of this setup here: