This is the story of how I set up my first bullet journal – and how I messed it up.

Up until this month, I had been using a  Filofax as kind of a planner-journal mixture. Last week though, I went to IKEA where I saw the LANKMOJ and ANILINARE notebooks, so I got one of each to create a “proper” bullet journal.

I used this ANILINARE notebook:

As it’s already May, I didn’t want to include a year-at-glance calendar, so instead, I created a Future log for the remaining months of the year. Making these took quite an effort for me because I don’t like that much fiddling about, but by the time I finished them, I had realised that this kind of activity is actually great for stress relief. I’ll write the events of each month right under the calendar, in the empty space and I’ll jot down birthdays, name days and bank holidays in the bottom area.

After the future log, I dedicated an entire page to the goals I want to achieve in the remaining 7-8 months. This is followed by another page where my wishlist (books, makeup, hobby stuff, etc.) will go.

As some rearrangement is going to take place in our house soon, I checked my books and also my husband’s bookcase. On the latter, I found treasures that I would like to read, so I set up a “Books I’d like to read” page. I drew the bookshelf using a black gel pen and coloured them in with metallic pencils. I found the pencils by accident at Aldi. The next page is similar, but on this one, I’ll collect films. My husband and I are always in a hurry recently, we’re very busy but we want to spend some time together, now that we’re so lucky to have a daughter who goes to bed at a reasonable time in the evening and sleeps until 7.30 in the morning. This list won’t only contain movies, but also series. For example, at the moment we’re interested in “Genius” on National Geographic.

I’ve experienced it quite a lot that I like a song but then I forget its title and it’s a pain in the butt to find it, so on another page, I’d like to collect music I like throughout the year. The same is true for me as far as websites are concerned, so I’ll dedicate a page to them as well. I always hunt for new recipes and if I find something interesting, I’ll jot it down on the “Recipe ideas” page. At least their names. The actual recipe will go into my recipe notebook. Although I have spent less time blogging because Janka requires more time spent together and I don’t have much time because of the university either, I still have a page where I’ll take note of my blog post ideas for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, I have fewer and fewer ideas, but I hope I’ll get some ideas.

The bullet journal itself got two pages. On these pages, I’ll write down the dimensions of the journal, my favourite fonts and my favourite pens. By doing so, I can save some time when I’m planning.

It might seem bullsh*t but I dedicate three pages to interesting words. As a language teacher and translator trainee, I’m obsessed with foreign words, so on these three pages, I’ll write words/phrases that I’d like to use more frequently because I find them interesting/useful for some reason.

And here comes the part that has some aesthetic value. Unlike the Filofax, the bullet journal won’t contain monthly spreads, only a mini calendar on the cover page of each month. However, there will be “Finances” pages in it. I didn’t use it in the Filofax because if I carry it with me and it gets stolen or lost, I wouldn’t like anyone to know about my finances. As the bullet journal stays at home, this is where I’ll keep track of my finances.

My monthly blog ideas also got a page. I won’t make a list of my monthly tasks/to-dos as I did in the Filofax because I’ll jot down my tasks in the empty section above the weekly spreads. For the weekly spreads, I ordered my washi tapes at Aliexpress, drew the black parts of the calendar with a gel pen, highlighted the current week with a Crelando brush pen and wrote the coloured words using Stabilo fine liners.

It’s clearly visible that it’s far from being perfect and the lines are crooked in several places and in the 4-10 June spread I drew an extra day header to Thursday (csütörtök) and Friday (péntek), though I wanted to draw it to Sunday only.

Whatever, I won’t change it. I don’t think a journal like this has to be perfect anyway.

What do you think? Have you tried the IKEA notebooks?