Peel-off nail polish? I put the Catrice #peeloffglam Effect Nail Polish to the test.

I saw this nail polish a few weeks ago at DM Drogeriemarkt but I didn’t buy it that day because I was in a hurry. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that there’s a peel-off glitter nail polish out there, so a week later when I had more time, I went back to the shop and purchased it.

We all know that feeling when despite the long long struggle and truckload nail polish remover, the glitter nail polish just won’t come off, don’t we? I love such nail polishes but I haven’t used one since Christmas because I hate it that I just can’t remove it properly once I get bored of it.

I bought the shade 01 which is a gorgeous pinkish colour. I had high hopes about this Catrice nail polish because I thought that I could have a beautiful manicure without the struggle of removing it.

On the bottle, the label reads that it’s easy to remove and two thin coats have to be applied. Let’s see.

First, I applied it on bare nails, then on another nail polish to test it both ways.

It smells horrible. I usually don’t mind the smell of nail polish, I even like it – I must have a problem -, but man, this one has such an ungodly smell that I had to use it with the window open. I read it somewhere that the base of peel-off nail polishes is usually a glue-like liquid and that was exactly what it smelled like.

With the first thin coat, nothing much got on my nails.

I changed my strategy with the second coat, though: I thoroughly wiped off the brush over the rim of the bottle and applied the glitter on my nails after that.

By the way, if you want the glitter polish to completely cover your nails, apply the polish on an ordinary wedge-shaped makeup brush and dab it on your nails.

This nail polish takes a lot of time to dry. I waited for a quarter of an hour and it was still wet and “migrated”. So I waited patiently for it dry – I didn’t even check the time after a while.

So the moment of truth came: the removal. A saw it in a YouTube video that peel-off nail polishes should be loosened so they come off more easily. I gently loosened it along my cuticle with an orangewood stick that I use for doing my manicure and pushed the polish forward. It came off as a sticky ball-thing.

In the end, there remained a sticky feel on my nails, so I wiped it with a cotton pad and some nail polish remover.

Then I tried it as a top coat on top of my s-he gel-like’n ultra stay nail polish. I think it looked gorgeous with that nude shade. When I wanted to remove it, it was enough to wipe my nail once with a cotton pad and some nail polish remover and all the glitter polish came off. There was no struggle, I didn’t have to scrape the glitter off and I didn’t have to soak my nail in nail polish remover either.

What do I think on the whole? Its smell is horrible, just like its drying time. The colour is beautiful and its removal was beyond my expectations. I’ve set eyes on a couple of more shades from this range and I think I’ll get them. Or I’ll put them on my autumn/winter wish list.