Janka’s birthday, Santa Claus Day and Christmas are right around the corner. The relatives and grandparents are already asking what they should buy her and we created a list.We like to discuss with the relatives what presents they should and shouldn’t buy for Janka. She has some stuffed animals but she isn’t really interested in them, so it’s unnecessary to buy her more. She’s too young to play with dolls and T-shirts with silly sayings make both me and my husband cringe. For example, in the summer, she got a bodysuit with daddy’s duties printed on it. And daddy’s duties are the following: drinking beer and playing football (obviously, it’s relevant in case of an eight months old baby girl). Burping, diaper changing, feeding and rocking baby to sleep are of course, mom’s responsibilities. Neither of us found it funny.

TShe also got items of clothing that I was just unable to pair with other items of clothing so that it would look nice or the piece of clothing was ugly and the family can’t really get the sizing right. For instance, Janka got size 80 short-sleeve T-shirts and shorts when she was wearing only size 68. She can wear the T-shirt now that she’s ig enough for them and they fit because if she wears a bodysuit under the T-shirt and I also put a cardigan on her, it’s wearable. Unfortunately, the shorts were a waste of money. In order to avoid such problems, we emphasised that no-one should buy clothes for Janka. Anyway, she has so many clothes that I can hardly close her drawer and there are clothes on almost all her hangers when all of her clothes are washed and ironed. So we wouldn’t like to get clothes, dolls and stuffed animals.

However, our kid likes to “repair” things. She examines everything and likes to play with toys the smaller elements of which can be put into the bigger elements and she also likes musical toys. I chose toys with several functions, so she will be able to use them for longer and we don’t have to keep looking for space for the stuff she gets bored of too soon.

This is how we made the list: we picked two shops that can be found in our town and my husband’s hometown as well, so it will be easy for both sets of grandparents and my aunt-in-law to purchase the presents they choose. There were six toys on our list. I sent two URL links to my aunt-in-law who picked one present for Janka that day. The one she didn’t choose and another one I sent to my parents. A few days later they also picked one. The link of the toy one nobody chose and another one will be sent to my husband’s parents by my husband and they also pick one. By doing so, not only do the relatives have a choice, but we can also influence what our daughter gets.

Janka is going to receive three presents for Christmas. It might not sound a lot, but we don’t want her to think that celebrations are all about getting a truckload of presents anyway. Furthermore, we think that it’s better for her to have fewer but better quality toys and ones she loves to play with than a lot of poor quality ones she gets bored of soon.

What do you think about this method? What would you do differently?

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