Christmas door wreath

My last door wreath was made two years ago, using fresh cypress branches. A discarded it right after the holidays and last years I had neither the time nor the time for making a new one. This year it was time for a new wreath, though.At first, I wanted to make a cluster of old baubles kind of thing. However, a few weeks ago I was decluttering my home office and found the faux fur rug I bought at IKEA years ago. I was using it spread on my chair in my home office but I was sitting on it mostly wearing jeans, so the indigo stained it and it was no longer in a nice condition anyway. I decided to wash it and make a door wreath from it.

What you will need:

  • styrofoam wreath base
  • faux fur
  • hot glue gun
  • Christmas ornaments
  • satin ribbon

I cut the faux fur into 10 cm wide strips and wrapped them around the wreath. I glued every strip to the base with a “shot” or two of hot glue from the gun.

Three years ago, I used this pink deer on a Christmas centrepiece which I no longer want use. I removed the deer from the centrepiece and glued it onto the wreath, along with some mini styrofoam balls, a few silver stars and wooden snowflakes. There were some broken snowflakes but this fact was concealed by the fluffy faux fur.

Once all the ornaments were in their final places, I made a hanger from a piece of pink ribbon.

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