DIY Baby Fingerprint Postcard

Last week I wrote a post about the baby footprint ornament that my daughter and I made for her grandmothers. As it was easy to make, Janka and I made a fingerprint postcard as well.What I used:

  • watercolour paint
  • 21×15 cm coloured card stock
  • white card stock
  • sponge
  • double-sided tape
  • gel pen

I picked up some paint from the palette and painted one of Janka’s fingers with it. I pressed her finger onto the white paper, wiped her finger to avoid getting paint all over the place and repeated the same steps with another finger of hers and another colour. We kept repeating it until she got bored of the whole thing.

The fingerprints were arranged all over the paper. Finally, I drew a small rectangle/square to the end of each fingerprint and connected them with a black gel pen, so it looked like Christmas tree lights.

I folded the coloured cardstock in half, so I got a 10.5×15 cm postcard base. I cut the white cardstock with the masterpiece to size and adhered it to the card base with some double-sided tape.

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