DIY Christmas tree ornaments

In today’s post, I’ll show you two easy-to-make Christmas tree ornaments.I ordered five 4-cm transparent Christmas tree ornaments from Aliexpress. Their huge advantages are that they’re made of plastic, so they aren’t very fragile and you can disassemble them, so you can fill them or decorate them easily with stencils.

The first ornament I made was this deer-pattern one. Using a pencil, I drew the deer head on a piece of paper – I got the image from Google -, disassembled the ornament, placed the paper in one of the halves and painted the pattern onto it with acrylic paint in a copper colour with a tiny nail art brush. When the paint was dry, I put a coordinating colour of nail glitter in it. As plastic is static, the glitter sticks to it even without glue. I shook the excess glitter out of the ornament, assembled it and tied a piece of white and gold thread in the loop on the top part.

The second one a nativity scene version. I used the same method as I did in the case of the deer: I drew the image I had googled on a piece of paper, put the paper into one of the halves and painted the holy family and the building using black acrylic paint. I used a nail art brush for this version as well. When I was painting the roof, I left a portion of it unpainted on purpose. Once the black paint was dry, I painted a star with an antique gold paint into the space on the roof. As I wanted some variety, I didn’t pour glitter into this ornament. Originally, I wanted to add angel hair or some kind of fake snow but I didn’t have those at home. A few weeks ago, I bought a set of Christmas craft paper at Lidl, and in that set, I found a sheet music pattern paper. I cut some from it, cut that into even smaller pieces and used them to fill my ornament. Finally, I assembled it and tied it with the same thread that I used for the deer ornament.

I can’t wait to hang them on the tree!

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