DIY gift wrapping ideas

In this post, I’ll show you how many variations I came up with for the plain brown craft paper.In order to avoid the holiday haste, I didn’t wait to wrap the present until Christmas Eve. As soon as I bought a present, I wrapped it. As a result, quite a few presents were waiting wrapped up on one of the shelves in my home office as early as the end of November. On Friday, when my mother came to our place to watch Janka while I was at university, my mother noticed that everything was wrapped in brown wrapping paper. Thinking that I didn’t have time to go out and buy Christmassy wrapping paper, she offered me an unopened roll that she didn’t use up last Christmas.

Let’s see my ideas.

I saw the first one – or at least something similar – on Pinterest. I wrapped a present for my husband’s niece using this method. I think it’s very girly.

First, I wrapped the present with the brown paper. Then I grabbed a tiny jar of nail sequins in pink and gold and spread them on the table. (I had wiped the table thoroughly beforehand.)

I cut a piece of Scotch tape to the size of the shorter side of the present – this is the area I wanted to decorate – and pressed it onto the sequins.

With a permanent adhesive roller, I glued an area on the paper that was as wide and as long as the Scotch tape and pressed the sequined Scotch tape onto it well.

Here’s the finished project. I censored the name of the little girl, just I did with the names of the other family members. Not that I’m afraid that they might read my blog and figure out what they are going to get for Christmas. You know my husband and daughter’s name, but I wouldn’t like to share those of the others.

Version 2 was also made for my husband’s niece. At Lidl, I bought a set of Christmas stickers and one of the sheets had these Christmas ornament shaped stickers. I adhered these and some snowflakes on the wrapping paper and using a glittery black gel pen, I drew lines from the loops of the ornaments up to the top of the present as if they were hanging.

The third one is a present for my husband. Also at Lidl, I got a set of Christmassy scrapbook paper. I cut out trees from three of these, punched all three in the middle with a hole punch, threaded them onto a white and gold string and wrapped it around the present. I wrote his name on the middle one.

The next one is for Janka. This and some other ones were made with a potato stamp. I cut a potato in half, cut a tree shape in it with an Exacto knife and dried it with a paper kitchen towel. I poured some copper coloured acrylic paint on a plate, dipped the stamp in and stamped trees on the paper.

When the paint was dry, I wrapped some sequined ribbon around the present and adhered a bow on top. I cut the gift tag out of some cat pattern paper as she loves cats.

Here comes another version. I dipped a brush in white acrylic paint and scraped the brush on the rim of the bottle as much as I could, When the brush was almost dry, I painted the paper. This is called dry brush technique. Once the white paint was dry, I decorated it with the potato stamp.

I made this wrapping paper with the same dry brush technique, but in this case, I used the copper paint only.

And here’s another example of the potato stamp technique. The paper I used for the gift tag came in a women’s magazine as part of a set.

What wrapping paper are you going to use this Christmas?

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