10 bizarre deaths in history

During my studies and a lot of reading, I’ve learnt about quite a few death cases when I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Here come ten bizarre historical deaths. Cambyses II

For me, Cambyses is an extremely likeable guy as he loved cats. He loved them so much that death penalty was the punishment for killing a cat. But how did this cat-lover king actually die? Cambyses killed the Apis bull by stabbing it in the thigh. Though often times the only thing sources mention is that the king’s life ended in 522 BC due to an accident, legend has it that he died because he had stabbed himself in the thigh. According to one version, he was working on some kind of a piece of wood when the accident happened, while the other version claims that he stabbed himself with his dagger when he was mounting his horse. it sounds like some kind of a divine punishment. He had stabbed the sacred Apis bull on the thigh, so he died a similar death.

Pope Leo VII

Pope Leo VII died on July 13th, 936 while having sex. No comment.

Edmund Ironside, King of the English

This guy was assassinated on November 30th, 1016. It happened when the king went where even the king is going alone and the assassin was hiding underneath… No wonder it was the English who invented the flushing toilet.

Bela I, King of Hungary

Poor Bela died on September 11th, 1063 when his throne collapsed.

Harold II, King of England

Harold was killed in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 by an arrow that had struck his eye. He must have taken “keep an eye on the arrows” literally.

Edward II, King of England

Edward had been rumoured to be attracted to his own gender. At the end of his life, he was held captive in Berkeley Castle. He died on September 21, 1327. Legend has it that the way he died was that a horn was pushed into his anus, and into it, a red-hot poker was pushed. Whether it is true or just a legend, historiographers couldn’t have come up with a more “ingenious” death for a supposedly homosexual king.

Louis II, King of Hungary

Louis was fleeing after having been defeated by the Turks in the battle of Mohacs (August 29th, 1526) when he drowned into Stream Csele. And now can come the question: how on earth can somebody drown into a stream? The answer: he was weighed down by his armour.

Giles Corey

Giles Corey was a victim of the Salem witch trials. He and his wife (Martha Corey) were both accused of witchcraft. While Martha met her end on the gallows, Giles was pressed to death while being tortured on September 19, 1692. In those days, pressing was quite a widespread form of torture. This is the way it’s done: the subject is held down, lying on his back, a door is put on him, and onto the door, the men of the start to place stones. They keep on doing this until the subject is willing to confess – or dies.

Lord Palmerston, Prime Minister of England

Lord Palmerston’s life ended similarly to that of Leo VII’s: he died during a sexual intercourse in 1865, at the age of 80.

Isadora Duncan

She’s the only woman in this post. Duncan was a dancer whose life ended with a big tangle. On September 14th, 1927, her scarf entangled in the wheels of the car she was travelling in and the scarf strangled her.

Which do you think the most bizarre death is?

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