7 signs you’re a witch

Halloween is right around the corner. On this occasion, I have two witchcraft-related posts for you. From this post, you can find out if you’re witches.When I was at university, we had a course about witchcraft. It wasn’t only about the witch hunts in British and American History, but witchcraft in general. For instance, how can you identify witches, what happens during black Sabbath, and so on. I was really sad when the course was over and I’ve been really into the topic ever since. Let’s discuss the first and most important question: “How can you identify a witch?”. The signs are the following:

You’re surrounded by demonic creatures

These creatures are also called “imps”. They don’t necessarily have to be devil-like or demon-like though. An imp can be a dog or the classic black cat that we often associate with witches. The imp is your loyal companion and it also has a name. For example, mines are called Süti, Mázli and Kifli.

Skin conditions

These can be skin tags, moles, scars, a supernumerary nipple or any blemish. They are used for nurturing the imps and they are also called “witch’s teat”. Such signs can be found in any hidden areas of the body, so during witch trials, the accused were often stripped naked and were examined from head to toe. As these skin disorders can appear in intimate areas, women accused of witchcraft were examined by other women. Yes, down there as well.

Insensitiveness or no bleeding

The above-mentioned signs were also scratched or pinned. If it didn’t hurt or the skin area in question didn’t bleed, it was regarded as a sign of the accused being a witch.

The prayer test

Someone who can’t pray or recite from the Bible without mistakes is a witch. Though it might indicate that the person is illiterate, in such cases, the accused is considered to be a limb of the devil or they can’t pray because the devil tied a knot on their tongue.


If someone was a healer, they could get in trouble. Midwives and women who could heal were often accused of witchcraft. Tools that were used for healing – potions, ointments – were often seen as tools of the “trade”. And let’s not forget about the most common attribute of witches: the broomstick.

You speak to yourself

If you speak to yourself, that’s also a sign that you’re a witch, as other members of the community can’t be sure what you’re murmuring. You might be calling down curses on someone.

The swimming test

The famous/infamous swimming test. A rope is tied around your waist, you’re thrown into a lake or river and if you float, you’re a witch. Time to go to the gallows. If you sink, you drown. Either way, you end up dying. This is a perfect method if you want to get rid of somebody.

How many of these statements are true for you? Based on this post, are you witches? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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