Catrice 24H Made To Stay Foundation – Review

catrice 24h made to stay.I really like Catrice’s Liquid Camouflage Concealer because of its high coverage. I thought that if the company can produce a high coverage concealer, why don’t they have a high coverage foundation? Well, no they do have one. And I’ve put it to the test.This foundation promises a perfect coverage and mattifying effect. I purchased the shade 005 Ivory Beige. It’s in a pump bottle which I like very much. It’s nothing extra really, but it looks good.

As mattifying foundations tend to dry my skin, I always use a moisturiser and a primer (Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining and Anti-Shine Base) before applying foundation. Just as did with the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation, I dabbed it into my skin with a makeup sponge. It smells nice, but it has a thick consistency and it’s difficult to blend. If I’m in a hurry, I would rather not use it as it takes forever to apply properly. The result is streaky, which I tried to correct with my fingers.It covered up my freckles and most of the redness on my cheeks, but its undertone is a bit pinkish which isn’t an advantage if you want to neutralise your skin that’s prone to redness. Of course, the shade can be corrected with a good powder.

It’s not comfortable to wear either because it doesn’t let my skin breathe. The other thing I don’t like about it is that my fingerprints are visible in the product the moment I touch my face. Of course, a good powder can help in these cases as well, even if it doesn’t solve the problem completely.

catrice 24h made to stay swatch

A positive thing is that it’s quite long-lasting and it survived the baby swimming class where I took Janka. Though it was hot it swimming pool and in the locker room, my foundation didn’t “migrate”.

To wrap it up

I think it would be nice to be able to get yellower shades. Now I use it mixed with my Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation, so I can achieve the desired colour and it has a more blendable consistency. It’s not a bad foundation as it provides a good coverage, but because of its time-consuming application and the sweltering sensation that it leaves on my skin, I don’t think I will purchase it again.

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