DIY Easter treat bags

easter treat bagI usually use gift bags around Santa Claus Day. I don’t usually make them – though two years ago I sewed one from red and white felt for the cats -, because inexpensive cellophane bags are always available in shops, especially for this occasion. Around Easter, I don’t really see such cellophane bags, so I decided to make the gift bags myself.

I keep all the stuff that I used for these bags at home anyway. They can be at a low price and they require minimal handcraft.

What will you need?
– brown paper bags
– colourful, patterned craft paper
– bunny stencil (I got mine from
– cellophane sheet
– satin ribbon
– acrylic paint
– double-sided tape
– hot glue gun
– hole punch
– Exacto knife
– cutting board

Draw the bunny stencil onto the paper bag. Then put a small cutting board into the paper bag and cut the bunny pattern with an Exacto knife.

From the cellophane sheet, cut a square that is 1-2 cm bigger than the bunny. Put small pieces of double sided tape onto the sides of the square, slip it into the bag carefully and press it, so the cellophane can stick to the paper well.

From this step on, you can decide how you want to customize your gift bags.  For the first version, I cut a rectangle from craft paper. The width of the rectangle was the same as the width of the bag and it was 4 cm tall. I cut it in several places and folded the cuts to imitate grass. From a different patterned sheet of craft paper, I cut different sized eggs. I glued these behind the “grass”. A folded the top of the bag, then cut a rectangle with the same dimension as that of the fold’s and glued it onto the fold. After filling it with sweets, I punched two holes on it, and pulled a piece of satin ribbon through the holes and tied a bow.

easter treat bag For the second version, I took a pencil with a rubber end. I dipped the rubber into some silver acrylic paint and dotted the front of the bag. I filled this one with sweets, too. I folded the top of this bag as well and punched a single hole on it. I folded a piece of satin ribbon in half, pulled it through the hole and tied a knot on the back of the bag.

easter gift bag knotI “stamped” the ribbon on the front of the bag with an egg that I had cut from craft paper.

easter gift bagI also used a rubber-ended pencil for the third version as well. I dipped the rubber into silver and blue acrylic paint and just like I did with the previous bag, I dotted the front. I filled it with sweets and folded the top – for a change. I cut the bottom of the fold with decor scissors. I Punched two holes, pulled a piece of satin ribbon through and tied a knot on the back of the bag. To make sure that the knot stayed in place, I fixed it with a dot of glue.

easter gift bag backI glued a craft paper bunny on the front.

easter gift bagYou can see how easy it is to make these gift bags. I think they are a nice and unique way to present the Easter eggs.

I hope you liked this post and try to make these bags for Easter.

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