Essence Shape Your Face contouring palette – Review

essence shape your faceI had been thinking of trying contouring for a few months. Yet, anytime I thought of it, I always brushed it aside as I thought that it wouldn’t look flattering on my pale skin. In April, my curiosity got strong enough and I decided to brave it out, so I went out to buy the Essence Shape Your Face contouring palette. I thought that if I have a go at this thing, I would do it with a brand I know well.The shade I purchased is called 10 Ready, Set, Peach. It contains a matte brown contouring shade, a highlighter, and an orangey blush.

essence shape your faceI really like the imprint on each shade. I think they make the product look cool and youthful. On the back of the pan, there’s a short instruction on the application, so even beginners like me can learn to use it easily.

essence shape your faceWhat I like about it is that all the shades are highly pigmented and can be built nicely. They are also easy to blend. I use them with a contour brush and a blush brush. The contour shade fits my skin tone, so it doesn’t look dirty on my face. It was a big fear of mine before trying it, but this palette is beyond my expectations. I can create a nice natural shadow with it, it doesn’t have that over the top “My face is contoured!” effect.

The highlighter isn’t really that shimmery, almost shiny colour, but it rather gives my face a natural, healthy glow, which is also a positive thing for me as I don’t want to look like a disco ball.

As for the blush, it has a beautiful colour but unfortunately, it’s so shimmery that it accentuates my pores. Because of it, I can’t really use it as a blush, but it works well as an eyeshadow for me.

I think it’s quite long-lasting. I haven’t realized a major wear-away throughout the day. I usually set my makeup with the Essence Keep It Perfect! makeup setting spray which improves longevity, but even when I don’t use the setting spray, it performs well.

I use all the shades of the palette as eyeshadows, too. They look very nice and they are quite long-lasting on the eyes as well.

I love this product. I think it’s great quality for this price. When I run out of it, I’ll definitely buy it again.

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