Jack Skellington Christmas ornament

Last year, I already made ball ornaments like this. At that time, I painted a deer and a Nativity scene on them. This year, I felt that someone was missing from the tree: and this someone was Jack Skellington.

I ordered some plastic DIY Christmas baubles at Aliexpress. They come as two hemispheres, so they are easy to decorate even on the inside.

What I used:

  • DIY baubles
  • black and white acrylic paint
  • tiny brush
  • a bigger brush
  • black satin ribbon
  • Jack stencil (of your choice – Google is our friend)

I drew Jack’s face on a small piece of paper and placed it in one of the hemispheres. With the tiny brush, I painted his face on the outside of the hemisphere.

I painted both hemispheres white on the inside and let the paint dry completely. Then I put together the two hemispheres and fed a piece of black satin ribbon through the hole on the top of the bauble.

On the tree it goes!

You can watch the video of this ornament here:

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