My autumn/winter wishlist

Today is the first colder day of this autumn, which made me sit down to put together my autumn/winter wishlist.

This list contains everything I’d like to put my hands on this autumn and winter and it’s also an inspiration for my family if they want to buy me something for my birthday, Santa Claus Day or Christmas. I posted a similar list last year. You can check it out HERE.

But now let’s see this year’s list! I divided my wishlist into two categories: beauty and reading/planning.

1. DIY slippers gift
I found it on Pinterest and it was love at first sight. A pair of warm slippers for the cold days, stuffed with tiny treasures. If I got something like this, I’d be happy to find nail polish, shower gel and sugarfree snacks in it.

2. Essence the gel nail polish 48 my love diary
This one is quite self-explanatory. Those who follow my blog and Instagram account know that I love the Essence nail polishes.

3. Catrice ICONails 02 Bloody Mary To Go
I started collecting the ICONails nail polishes last year. I love them because they come in gorgeous colours, dry quickly and they are also long-lasting. I don’t even dare to write down the number of shades I already own but this colour is so beautiful that I must have it.

4. és 8. Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter

I think a conditioning lip product is essential this time of the year.  I’ve set eyes on the shades 020 Let’s Dew This! and 030 Dr Dewlittle.

5. Catrice Rock Couture mascara

Its non-waterproof version is the perfect mascara for me. Unfortunately, I ran out of it, so I had to buy a new one, but I only found the waterproof one in the shop. Well, the waterproof version is a disaster. I can hardly remove it and it also made a lot of my lashes start to fall out. I’ll try to get the non-waterproof one because I love it and I could use an unlimited amount of it.

6. Catrice Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve been using this mascara for more than a year. This the eyeliner I learnt to draw a proper winged line with and I love love love it. I’ll definitely get some more of it in the upcoming months.

7. Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow

I really like the cream eyeshadows by Catrice. I think the 020 Champagne Shower shade of Liquid Metal is a gorgeous base colour for any eye makeup.

In addition to these, my favourite Neutrogena hand cream, some of which I always have in my handbag or on my desk, is also on my list, last year I loved the Christmas collection of The English Tea Shop and it’s always nice to have some sugarfree Update brand snacks, too. (Update is a Hungarian low-carb brand.)

That’s the end of beauty, here comes the other category.

9. Christopher Brooke: The Age of Cloister: A Story of Monastic Life in the Middle Ages

I found this book at’m very interested in church-related topics and the Middle Ages are especially close to my heart – I studied a lot about that era at university and I wrote my MA Thesis on 11th century English history. So I’d love to read this book. I have already ordered from this website and I think they are reliable and helpful.

10-12. Planner stickers from PaperCrownPrintsCo on Etsy

PaperCrownPrintsCo is one of my favourite stores on I think Szilvi has beautiful stickers and she also ships the orders quickly. A huge advantage of her store is that it’s in Hungary (the same country where I live), so I don’t have to worry about international shipping and the shipping fee is also affordable as delivery happens within the same country via the Hungarian Post.

I’m already the happy owner of three sheets of these bow stickers. I often use them when I want to mark an important event in my planner.

I have already ordered some of these laptop stickers as well. I use them when I have an important online task, have to write an assignment or something like that. I’m sure I’ll need some more of these soon.

I haven’t ordered any of these bow paperclip labels, but I can see myself using them for marking important events. In my opinion, they are very pretty and girly.

You can’t see them in the collage above but I love these nail polish bottle stickers, too. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago. It’s great that there is a wide range of colours on one sheet. And the bow on the nail polish bottle is just adorable! I’ll need some more of these soon.

13. Post-it notes

I use a truckload of post-it notes. The reason I like this little set is that it has different sizes, shapes and functions of post-it paper. In addition, the patterns are cute.

14. Post-it notes (yes, again)

It’s similar to the previous one but it has cactuses (cacti?) on it.

15. Washi

On this washi, there are famous buildings and cathedrals. It’s very nice and classy with its black and white colour scheme. It can be used in many ways.
There is an alternative with mountains and forests. They are both beautiful.

16. Washi

On this washi, there are famous European cities. I find its drawing-watercolour style interesting and gorgeous. The scenes could be used individually if you cut the washi up.

That was my wishlist. Which item is your favourite? What’s on your wishlist?

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