Ombré eyeshadow stick

ombré eyeshadow stickI’ve loved cream eyeshadows recently. They’re easy to work with, long-lasting and it’s easy to create a nice eyeshadow look with them – they’re perfect on busy mornings. The following eyeshadow stick is one of my latest Aliexpress purchases.NOVO double colour eyeshadow stick is its official name. It’s available in 6 different colours and you can create a gradient eyeshadow look with them. I didn’t know what to expect from a creamy eyeshadow from China but it was quite cheap – around $2 -, so I decided to give it a shot.

Much to my astonishment, it was delivered in a box.

ombré eyeshadow stickAnd when I took it out of the box…

ombré eyeshadow stickI really liked the packaging. This holographic design is very fashionable at the moment, furthermore, the box had protected the stick during transportation, so I was sure that it hadn’t been damaged. Also, the shade was exactly the one on the website: it consists of a greyish-brownish and a darker brown colour.

ombré eyeshadow stickAt first, I swatched it on my arm. Its colour is typical of Korean makeup: subtle, light colour with a little bit of shimmer – for me, it’s perfect for an everyday makeup look.

It’s longlasting even without an eyeshadow primer. It hasn’t faded on my lids even after several hours and it’s quite hot here. I swiped it twice on my lids and blended it a little bit with my ring finger, so there wasn’t a harsh, visible line where the two shades meet. It’s easy to blend and isn’t patchy. I applied some of the darker shade onto my lower lashline, but I had to use a lighter colour from my Catrice The Essential Nude Collection eyeshadow palette in my inner corner as I just couldn’t make the stick work there.

ombré eyeshadow stickI think it’s worth the money. Both its quality and longevity was a pleasant surprise for me. As it’s perfect for a daytime look and it takes up little space, I’ll definitely take it with me if we travel somewhere.

You can check out the product HERE.

What do you think about this eyeshadow stick? Have you tried anything similar?

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