Sugar-free kiwi sorbet

sugar-free kiwi sorbetKiwifruit isn’t only an excellent source of vitamins but it’s also delicious and versatile. Now you can read the recipe of a refreshing kiwi sorbet.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I ate a lot of kiwifruit because it was the kind of fruit that could ease my constant nausea. Later, when the summer heat arrived, I realised that it isn’t only good to eat fresh, diced as a snack in front of the TV in the evenings but it can also be a great base for an ice cream.

– 400 g kiwifruit peeled and diced
– 4 Tbsp erythritol
– juice of half a lemon and half a lime

I put all the ingredients into a blender and puréed them. In the next step you can pour your kiwi purée into an ice cream maker to freeze it or if you don’t have such a machine, you can also spoon it into a shallow plastic container, it becomes a perfect sorbet in two hours in the freezer.

A trick if you don’t have an ice cream maker: when I make ice cream without the machine, I always cover the ice cream mixture with a piece of cling film but I don’t stretch the film onto the dish, instead I gently press the film on top of the ice cream mixture, this way there won’t be any ice crystals on the surface the ice cream. Once it has reached the desired consistency, you only have to scoop it into small bowls or glasses.

sugar-free kiwi sorbet

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