trend IT UP 2in1 foundation – review

trend it up 2in1“trend IT UP” appeared in dm shops a few months ago. When I saw that they had a high coverage foundation, I had to try it. “trend IT UP” is the private label brand of dm. It offers high quality at affordable prices. The first two “trend IT UP” products I had purchased were a gold nail polish and gel-effect top coat. Then, a few weeks later when I was looking at the product range more carefully, I saw this 2in1 foundation. On the bottle, it is stated that it’s a makeup and concealer in one, it has high coverage and glow effect. At an affordable price. This is important.

I bought the lightest shade which is called 010. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I have mixed feelings about it.

trend it up 2in1It comes in a pump bottle. It looks good but nothing extra. I’ll have a really hard time getting the foundation out of it once I start running out of it.

trend it up 2in1I wouldn’t say that it has a really high coverage. It’s more medium coverage but buildable. I have problematic skin: on the right side of my face and on my chin, I have rosacea, and from time to time, blemishes appear on my face, so on such bad days, I really need coverage. Yes, I’ve been to the dermatologist’s, it’s all curable but I would have to take medicine which I can’t at the moment because I’m still breastfeeding. I’ll go back to the doctor’s when my daughter no longer demands breastmilk. Until then, I’ll use the products of La Roche-Posay as external treatment – you can read about them in an upcoming post.

trend it up 2in1As you can see in the photos, a little goes a long way. As I need high coverage, I apply it by dabbing it gently into my skin with a makeup sponge, wait a couple of minutes to let it dry and I apply a second layer using the same method. It covers up most of the redness with this technique. I mostly use a concealer only to hide the dark circles under my eyes. So this kind of coverage is okay for my skin. A big drawback is that it tends to “migrate” and become streaky when I try to apply powder onto the freshly applied foundation. To avoid it, I wait a bit after the second layer before powdering my face. Other than that, it’s quite a nice product for dry-combination skin as well.

Its biggest disadvantage is that even the lightest shade is too dark. It’s clearly visible on my neck. I don’t sunbathe, so I’m very pale in summer, too. If you don’t have a skin tone as if you have just come out of Twilight, this shade is superb, especially for summer.

So the cause of my mixed feelings is mainly the shade. I haven’t figured out what I would do about it. I might mix it with my Maybelline Fit Me! foundation which is more yellowish or use this foundation in winter when I often wear a turtleneck sweater, so it won’t be seen how dark it is on my neck.

All in all, I recommend this product, I think it’s great value for money, you don’t have to break the bank if you want a good coverage foundation that’s also easy to blend.

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