Why did I disappear?

It’s been a few months since my last post. Why did I disappear and where was I? You will learn it from this post.

2018 ended horribly. In August, my cat died. In October, I quit my job (I had been on maternity leave, my boss called me to ask me to go back to work but we couldn’t reach an agreement, so I resigned) and I spent the entire December thinking about how to go on. This year didn’t start calmly at all. In January, Janka started daycare, I passed my final exam, so now I’m a translator and interpreter as well, I started my own business and I returned to my workplace (yes, the one I quit) as a part-time employee. Then, I caught an upper respiratory tract infection which I haven’t managed to beat. In addition, I’ve bee constantly translating since early January, so I’m super busy.

Blogging first crossed my mind when sometime in January, I logged in to “clean up”. When I saw that my blog was full of spams, I lost it. At that point, I started to wonder whether I need it and I wanted to return to Blogger. Eventually, I stayed here.

After that came another issue, namely that I didn’t know what to do with the blog. Towards the end of last year, I only had bullet journal and nail polish posts. My husband missed my old healthy recipes and an acquiantance of mine suggested that I should write more about my daughter as my husband and I have been so successful at raising her and it would be worth sharing it with others. So now I’m trying to collect ideas for this year’s posts. I would like to blog more about my lifestyle. I think I have a pretty interesting life as I work part-time from home, which requires a certain kind of attitude and I also have to follow quite a few rules, though I’m my own boss. I’ve considered my acquaintance’s suggestion and I’d like to share more things about Janka, and the recipe posts will also return.

Jelenleg azonban a felsőégúti fertőzésemet próbálom kipihenni, így márciusban csak egy minimális óraszámban tanítok és nem vállalok fordítást sem. Ez a hónap az egészségemről fog szólni és áprilisban szeretném megosztani veletek ezt a történetet is.

However, at the moment, I’m trying to relax and get rid of this respiratory tract infection, so in March, I’m going to have few classes and I won’t translate either. This month is going to be about my health and in April, I’d like to share this story with you.

If you have any blog post ideas, I’d be more than happy to read them.

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  • elissa

    i am amazed at all the work you do do, and still find some time to write, even if it’s here and there.
    i havent known you for long, so i didnt know you had a leave of absence either, but i do enjoy watching your youtube videos and reading your blog posts.

    i always tell other bloggers to write what they want to write, not what others are wanting them to write. because when you get on the topics of what you want to write, you can see the passion and the rawness through your posts. and to me, that makes a blog post worth reading.

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