The evenings and morning are getting colder and the leaves have started to fall, too. Autumn, which inspired this nail art, is right around the corner. For this nail art, I used stamping and the dry brush technique as well.

A couple of weeks ago I came up with the idea of doing a gold leaves nail art in September. The final design was born when I was decluttering my Instagram account and found a photo that I took of a manicure I created with the dry brush technique last year and quite a lot of people seemed to love it. I used the same technique with this nail art, though it was a bit different this time.

Products I used:

  • Catrice ICONails 46 Let’s Get Ready For Bronze
  • Miss Sporty clear nail polish (Attention! Not a base coat, but a clear nail polish!)
  • Moyra stamping nail polish, gold
  • Moyra top coat for stamping
  • Moyra mini stamping plate, My Little Universe

I painted the nail on my index and ring fingers with one coat of clear nail polish and I applied two coats of the Catrice Polish on the rest of my nails. This Catrice polish is fantastic! Its colour is gorgeous, it spreads nicely, it”s not streaky and it’s very easy to work with. The only drawback is that a lot of fine glitter stayed on my skin when I tried to remove the polish from my skin at the end of the manicure. Never mind! I love glitter so much that I wouldn’t mind bathing in it anyway. The only occasion when I didn’t like glitter was when my daughter, Janka found a tiny jar of nail glitter in the bathroom, unscrewed the lid and the glitter got scattered all over the floor. That was a nightmare to clean up. Whatever. Let’s get back to the nail art. After all, this is what you are here for.

Once the clear nail polish was dry, I created some kind of a faded French design using the dry brush technique. I used the Catrice polish. You have to wipe the brush off over the rim of the nail polish bottle as if you were trying to get the excess polish out of the brush when doing a regular manicure. You have to keep wiping until hardly any polish is among the bristles and the brush is almost completely dry.

At this point, I pulled the brush from the tip of my nail towards my cuticle, applying light pressure. It’s important to apply light pressure only because the nail polish can get thick (clumpy) on the tip, which isn’t only look unpleasant, but it will also take a very long time for the nail polish to dry. You have to apply this technique once, you don’t have to repeat it.

I waited for the polish to dry completely, then stamped gold leaves on my dry brushed nails in a way that the leaves extend the faded bronze part. I finished off the manicure with a top coat for stamping on my stamped nails and a high shine one on the rest of them.

You can watch the video about this nail art here: