Holiday Nails 4.

Here comes my fourth and last holiday nail art idea.I had to do Christmas tree nail art, too. I had been planning it for quite a while, but I didn’t have enough courage to try it. I was inspired by a green holographic nail polish by Essence.

What I used:

  • Miss Sporty Precious Pearl 7053
  • Essence Holo Rainbow 02 holo maniac
  • Miss Sporty Peel Off peel-off base coat
  • Essence Made To Sparkle 01 pour some glitter on me! top coat
  • nail art brush

I applied a coat of nourishing base coat to all of my nails, except for the ones on my middle fingers, where I used the peel-off base coat. Once the peel-off base coat was dry, too, I applied two coats of Precious Pearl to all my nails.

Now comes the best part: making the trees. I didn’t use striping tape or Scotch tape because it would have removed the peel-off base coat when I was trying to remove it. Instead, I dipped my nail art brush into the holo polish and drew an inverted V-shape onto the nails of my middle fingers and filled in the V with the same nail polish.

When the Christmas trees were dry, I removed some pieces of glitter from the brush of the Essence Made To Sparkle top coat with an orangewood stick and arranged them on the trees as if they were ornaments. I put one piece of glitter on the top of both trees as if they were tree toppers.

I finished my manicure with a glossy top coat.

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