My Top 7 Nail Polishes

In this post, I’ll you the seven nail polishes that I most often use and I love the most.

Although their colours are different, they have some things in common: I love the colour of all them, they are easy to apply, they aren’t expensive at all and they aren’t really seasonal, so I wear them all year around.

Catrice ICONails 23 Nice Cream

You could see this nail polish in my previous blog post and YouTube video. I love it because though it looks white, it has a beautiful, pinkish hue, so it’s very special. It can be applied nicely, dries relatively quickly and it’s a perfect choice, whatever the season or occasion may be.

trend IT UP 230

This nail polish also appeared in my previous post, and I even started the year with it (you can read the post HERE). I find its colour elegant and calming at the same time. It can be applied easily but it’s also easy to remove – it’s just as important to me -, it dries quickly and is longlasting. I just love it!

Avon True Colour Pastel Pink

Last year I was disappointed in a similar nail polish. It was very difficult to apply nicely, it was streaky and dried slowly. As I’m not that pastel kind of girl anyway, I didn’t want to give another nail polish like that a try. However, a few weeks ago I found this nail polish in the Avon catalogue and I decided to give it a chance. What a great decision was it! I got a nail polish that covers beautifully, isn’t streaky and has a beautiful colour.

Rimmel 60 seconds 310 double decker red

I don’t wear anything red, except for red nail polish. The reason I like this Rimmel nail polish is that it dries quickly and its shade isn’t really seasonal, so I like to use around Christmastime and even in summer. I especially like wearing this shade when I wear a simple – black or white outfit – because it really spices it up.

she gel-like’n ultra stay 260

For me, this is the perfect nude nail polish. It’s not completely opaque, so the tip of my nail can be seen under it but it has a wonderful colour and shine! Because of its neutral colour, I often use it as a base colour when I do stamping nail art. Any shade of stamping polish matches it, but it’s nice on its own, too. I love it!

trend IT UP Tropic Chic 050

I bought this polish last year. As it was a trend edition, unfortunately, I can’t buy a new one if I run out of it. It’s a beautiful, bright pink with very fine glitter and a gold, metallic shimmer. During the semester at university, I usually do my nails on Friday mornings before I go to school and this is the nail polish I mostly use because it dries quickly and this shade is really me. Wearing this nail polish makes me confident and it also makes my mood better.

s-he gel-like 350

Although it’s my favourite one, I saved this one for last. It has such a pleasant colour and – it might sound stupid but – it gives me incredible confidence. I often use it on days when I’m about to face something challenging and I need that extra confidence. It can be applied beautifully, it’s not streaky, dries quickly and it’s longlasting, too.

Which one of the above-mentioned nail polishes do you like best? What’s your favourite nail polish? Write it in a comment below.

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