As I was decluttering the home office, I found quite a few sheets of water decals. I immediately thought, “Why haven’t I used them?”.

What I used:

  • s-he gel-like nail polish in the shade 350
  • Essence I love trends nail polish in the shade 39 i love marshmallows
  • water decals
  • small bowl or glass with lukewarm water in it
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • small angled brush
  • nail polish remover

I applied a layer of base coat. The nails on my thumbs, middle fingers and index fingers got two coats of the s-he nail polish, while my two remaining fingers got two coats of the Essence polish. to be honest, I hate this Essence polish very much because it looks disgusting on my nails. It’s streaky, its texture is ugly, uneven, so I can’t use it on its own. However, it’s a good base colour for water decals and its faults won’t be visible after all.

I wanted for the nail polish to dry completely.

The application of the decals isn’t as difficult as one would first think. I cut pieces from the decal sheet to be big enough to cover my nails completely. It’s okay if they’re bigger, we’re going to get back to it later. I put one of the pieces into the water and let it soak for 20 seconds. I dampened one of my white nails, removed the decal from the backing paper and placed it on my nails with a pair of tweezers. Once I made sure that it covered my nail completely and pressed it to the edges of the nails a bit, I repeated the same steps with my next white nail. Decal in the water, 20 seconds, placed it on my nail with tweezers, adjustment.

When I was ready, I removed the polish and the excess sticker with a small brush dipped in nail polish remover. I finished the manicure with a Moyra top coat for stamping. The reason I chose this one is that it doesn’t smudge the decal underneath.