Nail Art of the Month – January

In December, when I was writing down my blogging ideas for 2018, I came with the idea of writing a nail art post every month this year. The nail art of January is of minimalistic style and consists of a nude and a gold colour. I purchased two nail polishes at dm: a gold one by trend IT UP and a nude one by s-he. I love them because not only their colours are beautiful, but it’s also easy to apply them and they dry fast.

What I used:

  • s-he gel-like’n ultra stay 260
  • trend IT UP 230 (gold)
  • tiny nail art brush

First, I applied a base coat on all of my nails. After that, I painted two coats of the trend IT UP polish onto my index and pinky fingers.

My middle fingers, ring fingers and thumbs got two coats of the nude polish. This nail polish has such a beautiful, classy colour! It’s a true all-year-round colour. I love it and I guess I’ll run out of it very soon.

Once the nude polish was completely dry, I poured some of the gold polish onto a plastic plate and with the nail art brush, I painted lines onto my nude coloured nails. I finished my manicure with a glossy top coat. I removed the nail polish from my skin with an angled brush dipped in nail polish remover.

5 Replies to “Nail Art of the Month – January”

  1. This is beautiful! I really am a sham at any sort of creativity with beauty, but I think this is definitely something I could try! I love the gold elements on the pink, like my go-to shades. Thank you for sharing with me! Gives me a little motivation to go clean up my nails now 🙂

    1. Gold and pink are my go-to shades, too. They’re very fashionable nowadays. When in doubt, wear gold or pink! 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like this design. I wanted to start the year with something simple and kind of neutral after all that Christmas extravaganza.

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