Nail Art of the Month – March

Here, in eastern Hungary, winter is still here, although it’s officially springtime. In our backyard, there’s so much snow that our dog disappears in it. For the nail art of the month, I chose a colour combination that makes me forget the horrible weather outside a bit.What I used:

  • Catrice ICONails 23 Nice Cream
  • Moyra Bubble Gum Collection No. 622 Limoncello
  • Moyra stamping polish, black
  • Moyra top coat for stamping
  • Moyra Sweet Dreams stamping plate
  • clear stamper
  • liquid latex
  • old loyalty card
  • tweezers

First, I applied a coat of base coat on all of my nails. Then I applied two coats of Limoncello on my thumb, index finger and pinky and two coats of Nice Cream on my middle finger and ring finger.

Once they were completely dry, I applied some liquid latex around the nails on my middle and ring finger to protect my skin during stamping. I waited for the latex to dry, then I started stamping.

I chose the last pattern in the second row.I applied some of the black stamping polish on the pattern and scraped it off with the loyalty card holding it at a 45-degree angle, making sure that the polish covers the entire pattern. I picked up the polish with the clear stamper and transferred it to my middle finger nail with a quick rolling motion. I cleaned the plate with some nail polish remover and a cotton pad. After that, I repeated the same steps with my ring finger.

I removed the latex with a pair of tweezers and finished off my manicure with some top coat for stamping. I removed the nail polish from my skin with a small angled brush dipped in nail polish remover.

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