2020 – a new, new hopes, new possibilities, new plans. I really need a fresh start after last year.

It’s very difficult to write this post. I want to start it by reflecting on 2019 but I find it extremely hard.

2019 was a horrible year for me. I was sick for most of the year – I had a throat and sinus infection that kept coming back -, I had to take the final exam at university to get my second degree, I was fired from my workplace, became self-employes then my boss took me back as a subcontractor, my daughter started nursery school in January and in September, she started kindergarten. We had our backyard constructed and the house painted, I had the same job that I hated before maternity leave, worked way too much from October to December, and the worst thing about the year was an event in my private life that I don’t want to talk about because I don’t feel comfortable talking about it. It was kind of a trauma. A huge one. So huge that I’m still recovering and I needed professional help.

What I want to change

Let’s talk about the professional side first. I decided to finish most of the courses (I teach at companies) and work less for the person who provides most of my income. It took me two days to make this decision but this is what I had to do. As soon as I made the decision, I immediately started business planning for 2020. I realised that the happiest part of 2019 was the first half when I spent more time translating and interpreting than teaching. I like teaching but not the way it is supposed to go at language schools: documentation, exams, meetings, etc. I hate this part. I have my own students who I teach mostly online. It means less commute to the partner companies, less time spent preparing documents, exam materials, conducting exams, correcting exams, writing reports of my students, emailing, distributing my attention to several things, you name it. So my number 1 plan was to keep my own online students, teach only few days at the language school and get it touch with the person I worked for in the autumn as an interpreter.

More exact plans and goals

In December, that person called me. One thing is checked off my list. Right before Christmas, I signed up for a two-day year planner training and decided to have a meeting with the lady who led the training and ask for my advice on the future of my small business. We had the idea to grow my blog and YouTube channel, stop blogging in Hungarian and focus on readers and viewers in foreign countries as I had most of traffic from other countries. We came up with other business ideas as well but I wouldn’t like to discuss them here. If you are a long-time follower, you can see some changes, e.g. there’s no language switcher, the blog’s URL ends in “.com” instead of “.com/en”, and I have a new theme.

I will definitely focus more on my health. On my to do list, I have things like starting pilates, have a thorough medical check-up, restart my low-carb diet and get braces. These are the things I want to accomplish in January and February.

Of course, my private life needs fixing. My GP says that the series of upper respiratory illnesses I had last year were due to not relaxing enough, overworking myself and family issues.  Overworking myself isn’t a problem. As I mentioned, I cancelled the majority of my classes. Relaxation and family issues… well. These are most difficult problems to deal with but I have quite a detailed strategy. I’m not comfortable with writing about the issues and my plans in detail at this point but later I might update you.

How I see the future

Now that I have a strategy to fix all of my problems, I’m very positive about 2020. I have loads of ideas and plans for carrying them out.

I also have several video and blog post ideas but if there’s anything you would like to read about or watch, leave your ideas in the comments section under this post.

What are your goals for 2020?

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