Planner setup – April 2018

I know it’s a cliché but it’s incredible that even March is almost over! So I pulled myself together and set up my planner for April.

Winter was so long and I missed sunlight so much that I picked yellowish colours for this month.

What I used:

  • brush tip pen (Aliexpress)
  • stamp kit (Aliexpress)
  • washi tapes (Aliexpress HERE)
  • stamp ink (Kik)
  • Stabilo fine liners
  • Crelando felt tip pens, yellow and pink

The opening page is yellow craft paper onto which I drew the floral banner using a black fine liner. I found inspiration on Pinterest.

For the monthly spread, I drew the calendar using a grey fine liner and placed yellow washi above and under it. I wrote the names of the days on the top washi using a black fine liner. I drew lines into the cells that belong to March or May. In all of the April cells, I drew yellow circles and filled them in, then wrote the numbers of the days in those circles.

On the “Feladatok” (meaning “tasks) page, I stamped a big paper clip. I had ordered the stamp kit from Aliexpress, you can find the link in the list above. I decorated the bottom right corner of the “Blog” page with a simple “doodle”.

I tried to stick to the black-yellow colour combo as well. I stamped ink blots for every day of the week. Unfortunately, the stamp kit I used is no longer available, that’s why I didn’t add the link. Another reason this week is interesting is that it has 8 days – at least in my planner. I didn’t want to divide Easter, so 1st April (Easter Sunday) appears on this page. Sadly, the ink I used on the next page bled through a bit but that’s alright.

I stamped the backgrounds of the days of the second week, too. I used the same kit as I did on the previous page. Once the ink was dry, I wrote the names of the days and the numbers using a white gel pen. I coloured the edges of the pages using a yellow felt tip pen.

In the case of the third week, I doodled ink blots and wrote the numbers to these. I drew thick yellow lines next to them, this is where the names of the days went.

The last week also consists of 8 days in my planner. As 30th April is a Monday, I didn’t want it to belong to my May planner. I wanted April to appear nice and complete. In the case of this week, I broke with the black-yellow colour scheme. I wrote the week on the top of the page using a pink felt tip pen and placed pieces of floral pattern washi tape where the days would go. Then I wrote the names of the days on the washi pieces.

So this is my planner setup for April. I’m really looking forward to April because it is going to be an exciting month.

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