Planner setup – January 2018

In August, I bought a planner. It’s not that fashionable notebook type, but a Filofax. From August to December, I was experimenting to learn whether I liked this thing, what layout works for me, etc. This year, I’d like to show you how I set up my planner every month.

This is the green planner I got. I was looking for something where I only had to change the paper, but the “shell” remains the same. This Filofax system works well in my case because I have a tendency to add things to my planner during the month, so this way I can easily do that. The paper in it is 103×173 mm and I ordered it from Aliexpress.

The paper I used was from a set of craft paper that I bought at Lidl about two years ago.

I didn’t have the nerves to draw the annual layout, so I downloaded one from THIS website.

In my planner, I also included a Bucket List (Bakancslista) and a Wish list (Kívánságlista). On the Bucket list, I’ll write things I want to accomplish this year and places I want to go.

On my Wish list, I’ll write things that I want to purchase in 2018.

My Pen Test (Toll teszt) takes up two sheets. I like to see how the pens I use work on this particular paper.

And here comes January. I cut a piece of black craft paper to size, wrote the name of the month with a gold gel pen and decorated it with these bead-like patterns.

This is how the monthly layout looks like:

bought the snowflake stickers at Lidl. I left the other side of the right-hand sheet blank, this is where I’ll write a detailed to-do list. I dedicated a sheet to my blog-related plans as well:

Last year, I didn’t make a weekly layout because I thought that I don’t need one if I don’t work. However, I’m going to make these weekly ones from now on as we have programmes with Janka, I also go to university, so it’s good to have this kind.

I would like to film the setup of my February planner. I did the January one off camera because on the one hand, light is terrible here due to the foggy, rainy weather, on the other hand, I didn’t feel confident enough. Though now that I managed to set up this month, I’d like to get into filming the next month.

3 Replies to “Planner setup – January 2018”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! I just recently bought a planner for 2018 and I’m setting it up now. Got some great ideas from you! Love how you drew your January page with the bead like patterns. Planners are so much fun! 🙂

  2. I totally wish I was this creative! I love how you set it up and put your own type of design into it. Such an adorable planner! I need to get into doing things like this but for now I have millions of post-it notes plastered all around my house 🙂

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