Prick and Stitch Christmas Cards

In this post, I’m going to show you three postcards that I made with the prick and stitch technique. Beginner-friendly!What you will need:

  • coloured and white craft paper
  • A/4 size paper
  • green embroidery floss
  • satin ribbon
  • sequins
  • liquid glue, Scotch tape, double-sided adhesive tape
  • needle
  • pillow

I prepared the patterns for all three versions: I drew them onto an A/4 size sheet of paper and marked the points where I had to prick with dots. I cut three 20×15 cm rectangles from green and wine red craft paper, then I folded them in half, so I got 10×15 cm card bases. I didn’t measure the white craft paper that I used as the background for my patterns because I only wanted to determine the size once I was done with stitching and my patterns were ready to be glued onto the card base.

Pattern 1 is a very simple Christmas tree.

I placed my white craft paper on a pillow – this way, it was easier for me to prick the pre-drawn pattern, but you can use a styrofoam sheet as well -, I placed the pre-drawn pattern on top and pricked every dot with the needle. The needle has to go through the paper.

Now comes the fun part! I threaded a needle with the green floss and pricked pushed the needle through the hole marking the top of the tree from the back of the sheet toward the front. I secure the end of the floss with a small piece of Scotch tape on the back of the sheet.

Now the floss is on the front of the craft paper, where the pattern will be. I stitch into the hole that’s the first on the left and I bring the floss back on the back. Now I’m bringing the floss to the front by stitching into the starting point from the back, I’m stitching into the second hole on the left and I keep doing it until I use up all the holes.

If I run out of floss, I secure the end with a piece of Scotch tape on the back of the paper and take another piece of floss that I start using as I described at the beginning (I pull it from the back to the front and secure it with a piece of Scotch tape. In this photo, you can see how the back looks:

This is the completed Christmas tree:

Pattern 2 is also a Christmas tree, but it looks different:

he starting point – where we are also going to get back after every stitch – in this case, can be found on the bottom of the tree, in the middle. The method is the same: I placed the white craft paper on a pillow, put the pre-drawn pattern on top and pricked every dot with a needle. After that, I pushed the needle into the above-mentioned starting point from the back of the sheet to the front. I secure the floss with a piece of Scotch tape on the back of the paper.

I’m going to go to the left and upwards. First, I’m stitching into the dot on the left at the bottom, bringing back the floss on the back side, pushing it to the front through the starting point, then stitching to the second hole and so on.

Így néz ki, amikor elkészült:

Pattern 3 looks the most complicated, though it’s actually very easy to create.

In this case, we’re going to create several small patterns. The tips of the leaves are going to be the starting points – I tried to mark them with bigger dots. The technique is the same: pillow, craft paper, pricking and comes the embroidery floss. I’m stitching from the tips going downwards. Once a leaf is ready, I cut the floss, secure it with Scotch tape and start the next leaf with a new piece of floss.

Using liquid glue, I glued sequins onto the trees as if they were baubles. My sequins are actually nail decorations that I ordered from Aliexpress. To the top of the trees, I glued stars.

I filled the spaces between the leaves on the wreath with red sequins as if they were berries. I made a bow from a piece of wine red satin ribbon and glued it onto the top.

Once the glue had dried, I cut the white craft paper sheets to size (I cut the sheet of the wreath to a circle shape) and glued them onto the card bases with double-sided adhesive tape.

Which card is your favourite? If you re-create any of them, don’t forget to share it with my on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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