The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Nicolle Pellegrina whose great blog you can check out by clicking HERE. If you’re interested in girly topics, you must visit her blog. She has cool tips regarding outfits, beauty products and lifestyle. Thank you, Nicolle! It means a lot to me.

The rules of The Versatile Blogger Award are the following:

  • share seven Facts about yourselves
  • nominate 15 other bloggers to do the same

For further information, visit the official site of the award by clicking HERE.

7 facts about me

  1. I’m an early bird. “Early” means that I can get up even before 5 a.m.
  2. I’m a philologist in English language and literature and teacher of English. I got my degree at the University of Szeged (Hungary) in 2009.
  3. I used to teach technical English at multinational companies for several years.
  4. I believe in life-long learning.
  5. I’m a nail polish addict.
  6. This is my second marriage.
  7. I find it hard to make friends. Not because I don’t want to, but because I feel awkward in social situations. I’m trying to improve it though.

My nominees are:

Mrs Organised


Jazmin Heaven

Sunburnt Aloe


Katie Henry

The Alphabet of Love




Ashlyn Skaar





Go check out these blogs because they are all amazing!

Thanks for reading this post!

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