I have recently Moyra’s “Last Days of Summer” stamping plate which inspired me to create this nail art.

I love this stamping plate a lot because there are a lot of different patterns – birds, mandala, Chinese characters, flowers, snowflakes, etc. – on it, so it can be used all year around and it’s not expensive at all. For the colour combination, I picked “Nice Cream” by Catrice and “230” by trend IT UP. By the way, I created this “masterpiece” at 6 a.m. as at this time my daughter is still asleep and this is when I have me-time. I’m more creative early in the morning anyway, so I don’t mind having time for myself that early.

What I used:

  • Catrice ICONails nail polish, 23 Nice Cream (it’s white, but looks like it has a subtle pinkish hue)
  • trend IT UP nail polish, 230 (gold)
  • Moyra stamping plate, The Last Days of Summer
  • Moyra stamping polish, gold
  • Moyra top coat for stamping
  • Born Pretty liquid latex
  • clear jelly stamper

I painted all my nails – except for my pinky finger – with two coats of Nice Cream, then applied two coats of the trend IT UP polish on my pinky.

I let both shades dry completely, then applied some liquid latex around my nail on my ring finger. I chose the pattern in the bottom left corner of the stamping plate and stamped it on my ringer finger using the gold stamping polish.

After every time I stamped, I cleaned the plate with a cotton pad and nail polish remover and the stamper I cleaned with a lint roller.

After stamping, I sealed the pattern on my ring finger with the top coat for stamping and applied a high shine top coat on the rest of my nails.

You can watch the video about this nail art here:

You can read more about the two nail polishes I mentioned in an upcoming post.